Chronicle 900 Years Kehrig

A history of the last 900 years of Kehrig was published last year (2000) in Germany. The mayor of Kehrig sent two copies to Karen Die, a result of her visit a couple months ago to that town. She graciously sent one of the copies to me. Here are some pictures from the volume. The book is completely in German.

1. Front cover

full image 74k full image 83k

2. Back cover

3. Kehrig map 1803

full image 99k full image 159k

4. Kehrig symbols sketched 1920

5. Map of Kehrig area

full image 82k full image 123k

6. Topographic town map

7. Gruss aus Kehrig

full image 134k full image 105k

8. Coat of arms

9. A bridge near Kehrig

full image 115k full image 102k

10. A song of Kehrig

11. A rural scene

full image 92k full image 131k

12. A farmer at work

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