Fifth Generation

60. Peter Francis "Frank"5 Schneider (Nicholas4, Martin3, Anton2, Nickolaus1) was born in Dearborn, MI 7/26/1893. Peter died 1/21/1986 at 92 years of age.

He married Stella Elizabeth Korte on 9/21/1915. Stella was born 10/24/1893 to ANNA PADBERG and JOANNES KORTE, and died 1/17/1971. For Stella E. Korte's lineage see this page. And for family photos of Frank's family see this page, thanks to Karen Kenney-Dei for them

Of particular interest is this interview with Frank conducted by the Dearborn Historical Museum, Oral History Program, conducted on December 3, 1975, where Frank discusses all aspects of his life with the Schneiders, work, and the Ford Motor Company.

Peter Francis "Frank" Schneider and Stela Korte had the following children:

child 75 i. Leo John6 Schneider was born in Dearborn, MI 10/9/1916. He married Mary Elizabeth Reckinger 4/19/1941.

child 76 ii. Olive Anne Schneider was born in Dearborn, MI 10/16/1918. She married Neil Joseph Bellfy 8/16/1941.

child 77 iii. Geraldine Rose Schneider was born in Dearborn, MI 2/23/1921. She married Edwin William Ochs 5/24/1945.

child + 78 iv. Elenor Elizabeth Schneider was born 12/11/1922.

child 79 v. Robert Francis Schneider was born in Dearborn, MI 4/5/1925. He married Florence Ann Lemiesz 5/1/1948.

child 80 vi. Donald Aloysius Schneider was born in Dearborn, MI 1/8/1927. He married Marylin Joyce Simpson 6/16/1956.

child 81 vii. Winifred Mary Schneider was born in Dearborn, MI 3/7/1929. She married twice. She married Ernest A. Zelle. She married Eugene John McNulty 6/22/1984.

child 82 viii. Barbara Anne Schneider was born in Dearborn, MI 12/24/1935. She married Robert Ry Clemens 5/9/1959.

Frank & Stella wedding photo 9-21-1915, 18kb
Frank & Stella's wedding photo 9-21-1915
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