First Generation

1. Nickolaus1 Schneider was born in Kehrig, Prussia cir 1748.
His parents were Johannes Schneider (b. 2/24/1717) and Catharina Stral who married 2/3/1752).

Trina Schmidt's research suggests the parents of Johannes Schneider are Johannes Peter (d. 1/13/1733) and Sophia (d. 1726) Schneider, who married in November 1726, though this page lists Nickolaus' mother's name as Catherine SCHUBRACK, rather than Stral. Jan Schneider has the same information without the descendants. That her name was Catharina Stral is supported in the document below (see link) concerning the death of Nickolaus's death.

Nickolaus died 11/5/1822 in Kehrig.

Nickolaus married Anna Catharina Martini in Kehrig where Anna also was born on 10/22/1758. Anna died 9/8/1826 in Kehrig, at 67 years of age. A check of the church records around 1748 failed to turn up his baptismal/birth records. His occupation was blacksmith in Kehrig.

Kehrig is Northwest of Frankfurt, and maybe less than a dozen miles Southwest from Koblenz. It is a few miles due South of Mayen. See this brief sketch on the early history of Kehrig.

Nickolaus Schneider and Anna Catharina Martini had the following children:

child i. Anna Margaretha2 Schneider was born 5/31/1787.

child ii. Petrus Schneider was born 7/17/1789.

child iii. Maria Margaretha Schneider was born 7/16/1791.

child iv. Elizabetha Schneider was born 5/2/1796.

child + v. Anton Schneider was born 2/23/1799.

the church record in latin of the baptism of Anna C Martini on 10/22/1758, 102kb

[link to hi-resolution image, 131kb]

the record of death in latin of Anna C (Martini) Schneider on 9/8/1826, 125kb

[link to hi-resolution image, 161kb]

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Kehrig, Germany, picture from the city's web site

Kehrig, Germany, picture from the city's web site

Thanks to Richard L. and Roger Schneider for information about the parents of Nickolaus, 6/19/2001.