Joseph A.4 Schneider (Joseph3, Anton2, Nickolaus1) was born 9/1/1875 in Gross Point, IL, died 2/10/1937 and is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Techny, IL.

He married Anna M. Pettinger on 5/15/1900. Anna was born 9/17/1877 in Luxemborg, Iowa, and died 9/29/1955 in Wilmette, IL, buried 10/1/1955 in St. Mary's Cemetery, Techny, IL. Her parents were Peter Pettinger and Elizabeth Kastor.

They are both buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Techny 1 IL. Theirs is a double-marker and reads:

Anna M. Schneider 1877 - 1955
Joseph A. Schneider 1875 - 1937

Joseph A. Schneider and Anna married 5/16/1900 in St. Joseph's Church, Wilmette, IL. They had 10 children, 7 boys & 3 girls, all born in Gross Point, IL.

child + i. Joseph Peter5 Schneider, born 4/14/1901, died 9/17/1987. Joseph married Madeline Sesterhenn on 6/30/1935.

child ii. Paul Peter5 Schneider, born 2/22/1903. Paul married Catherine Puetz October, 1934.

child iii. Margaret Mary5 Schneider, born 3/23/1904, died 6/25/1992. Margaret married Joseph Schoenbeck 8/31/1940. An article published in the Chicago Tribune, Wednesday, August 31, 1988, details the history of the Gross Point/Wilmette area and features "Marge" and Joseph Schoenbeck and the role played by the Schneider settlering this area. Read the entire article here.

child iv. Anton James5 Schneider, born 8/08/1905, died 6/30/1971. Anton married Anna Bauman 8/30/1930.

child v. George William5 Schneider, born 2/22/1907, died 2/8/1977. George married Marie Krueschel October, 1933. They had 3 children, Albert, Fred, and Diane.

child + vi. Martin Matthew5 Schneider, born 1/20/1909, died 4/7/1979. Martin married Barbara Catherine Kirchens on 5/8/1948. Barbara was born 6/13/1919 in Gross Point, IL to Peter Kirchens and Anna Roemer. Martin and Barbara had one child, Theresa Ann Schneider, born 9/23/1959 in Evanston, IL.

child vii. Bernard J.5 Schneider, born 12/9/1911, died 2/21/1988. Bernard married Florence Seyller on 5/20/1944.

child viii. Henry J.5 Schneider, born 2/18/1915, died 4/10/1989. Henry married Mildred Happ 5/5/1945.

child + ix. Dorothy Margaret5 Schneider, born 1/23/1917, died 7/29/2001. Dorothy married Anthony Nicholas Peters on 8/23/1947.

child x. Mary Ann5 Schneider, born 4/10/1921. Mary married Hubert John Hansen 6/8/1940.

Note 1. Information from Darraugh Nolan who visited some Schneider plots in St. Mary's Cemetery in Techny, IL (technically Northfield), just north of Northlake/Northbrook, in an email to me dated Wed, 10 Oct 2001.

The information on this page is based, in part, on Family Bible and Death Cards and Mary Hanssen per a Family Information Sheet given to John Schneider October 2001.

Joseph A Schneider original home
Joseph A. & Anna Schneider with all their children except Mary (not born yet)
in Wilmette, IL
Top - Anton, Margaret, Paul & Joseph, George, Dorothy & Mary, Martin, Bernard & Henry, 1965 at Mary & John Hansen's 25th wedding anniversary, 48kb
Schneiders in 1965
Top - Anton, Margaret, Paul & Joseph
Middle - George, Dorothy & Mary
Bottom - Martin, Bernard & Henry
Mary & John Hansen's
25th wedding anniversary

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