6. Catherine3 Schneider (Anton2, Nickolaus1) was born in Kehrig, Prussia 11/25/1832. She was baptized as Anna Catherine. Catherine died 11/18/1907 in Chicago, IL, at 74 years of age. At the time of Catherine's death she was a member of St. Alphonsus Church located at 1429 Wellington, and was living at 1025 Wellington. She died from "Bronchopneumonia" and was buried next to Anton at St. Boniface Cemetery. Since they have been reburied at a deeper elevation, no tombstone presently marks the site.

There are two children buried on the same plot. Francis Carpenter, born on August 19, 1891, and died on August 5, 1892. The other is Marie Louise Carpenter, born on August 7, 1911, and died on August 16 of the same year. Since both children were born after Anton died, it is assumed they are related to another surviving relative.

She married twice. She married Mathias Joseph Hoffman in Gross Point, IL, 4/21/1853. Their marriage record indicates that Mathias was the son of Bartholemew Hoffman and his wife, Anna Veronica (Bings) Hoffman, who came from Denn in 1844.

Where Mathias was born is unknown. Mathias died 6/12/1854 in Gross Point, IL. In June of 1844 Bartholemew and Anna Hoffman left Denn, Prussia (which no longer exists), near Trier, and sailed with their family to America. In late summer they arrived in the Gross Point area and bought 100 acres of land for $6.00 an acre. There were five daughters and three sons, including Mathias Joseph.

Several letters were sent back to Denn between 1845 and 1855 by members of the family. Hand written copies of the letters were made in case the originals became lost in the mail. The copies were kept within the family and were eventually translated from German to English. Of particular interest is a letter of February 2nd, 1855, from Franz Joseph Hoffman concerning the death of his brother.

What follows is an English translation of a part of that letter:

"I report the sad news of the death of my brother. He was killed by lightning on Monday, June 12, 1854. It happened at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. On that fatal day he was very nervous and disturbed. He would start to work on something and throw it aside to try something else. My sister Catherine and brother-in-law (John) Schmitz were close to the house when a thunderstorm came up. There were cattle grazing in the meadow including some stray cattle, because the place was not entirely fenced in. I sprang through the rain to see about the children. My brother Mathias said he had to go and bring the cattle in, though it was raining hard. He took an umbrella, lit his pipe, and with a smile on his face went out. After a little while we heard a terrible thunderclap. I said to those present how one can meet death and referred to cases of people killed by lightning back by the old home, not knowing that the same thing had just happened here. When he did not return, Schmitz went to look for him. He noticed something in the tall grass, went to it and found the body of Mathias Joseph. After the return of Schmitz, his mother and sister, and good excellent faithful wife Catherine (Schneider), came to the house. You can imagine the scene, the crying and confusion my pen cannot describe. At his death he was fully clothed but they had been torn to rags. On his neck we noticed a small mark where the lightning had struck. Down his body and leg was a streak, and on one boot was a burn hole the size of a pea.

"After the accident became known many people gathered and carried the body in the house. I ran to the pastor, but he was absent on a vacation. Another priest was there, Pastor Zucker, just ready to leave. When I told him of the sad occurrence he immediately decided to go with me. He himself put the body on the "Schof" and buried it the next day. At the grave he preached a beautiful sermon. This priest is from Dusseldorf. Well, Mathias is now at rest and may the Lord over life and death let eternal light shine on him."

She married Anton Carpenter in Gross Point, IL, cir 1855-1858. Anton died 11/21/1886 in Chicago, IL. After the death of their daughter Catherine, they eventually moved out of the Gross Point area to Chicago. At the time of Anton's death they were members of St. Michael's Church at 1633 Cleveland, and lived at 161 Mohawk Street. He died from "Bronchitis" and was buried at St. Boniface Cemetery at 4901 N. Clark Street.

Catherine Schneider and Mathias Joseph Hoffman had the following child:

child 35 i. Anton4 Hoffman was born in Gross Point, IL 1/27/1854. He was baptized in Gross Point, IL, 1/28/1864. Baptized at St. Joseph Church. The child's sponsors were Anton Schneider and Appolonia Hoffman.

Catherine Schneider and Anton Carpenter had the following children:

child 36 ii. Dorothea Carpenter was born in Gross Point, IL cir April 20, 1859. She was baptized in Gross Point, IL, 4/22/1859. The records for St. Joseph Church are partially water damaged, with some whole pages being unreadable. After a stained passage is an entry of the baptism of Dorothea, which would indicate that Catherine married Anton Carpenter sometime between 1855 and 1858. However, the marriage record has never been found.

child 37 iii. Anna Maria Carpenter was born in Gross Point, IL cir November 1860. Anna died 9/25/1862 in Gross Point, IL. The next legible entry in the records of St. Joseph Church after the baptism of Dorothea Carpenter is for the death of Anna Maria. No church record of her baptism has been located.

child 38 iv. Mary Margaret Carpenter was born in Gross Point, IL 1/17/1864. She was baptized in Gross Point, IL, 1/18/1864. At St. Joseph Church.

child 39 v. Catherine Carpenter was born in Gross Point, IL 3/18/1867. Catherine died 10/3/1869 in Gross Point, IL, at 2 years of age. She was baptized in Gross Point, IL, 3/20/1867.

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