69. Louis James5 Schneider (Peter4, Martin3, Anton2, Nickolaus1) was born in Detroit, MI 9/8/1897. Louis died 2/24/1978 in Farmington Hills, MI, at 80 years of age. He died of cancer, spending many of the last months of his life residing withEvelyn Schneider, unknown date, part of a set with Louis' picture--missing, 37kb his daughter Eve Ann's family grew up in Farmington, MI. His last month or so was spent in a Farmington nursing home. Louis and Evelyn are buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (25800 W 10 Mile Rd, at the intersection of West 10 Mile Rd. and Beech Rd.), Detroit, section 10, lot #196, Louis: grave 1, Evelyn: grave 2. Pictures of their grave markers are here

He married Evelyn Marie Affeld in Detroit, MI, about 1920. Evelyn was born 3/21/1899. She was the daughter of Joannis Sebastian Affeld and Julia Gertrude Tischbein. Evelyn died 7/2/1969 in Detroit, MI, at 70 years of age. She was visiting friends in Carmel Hall, a type of nursing home owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit, (formerly the Detroiter Hotel). Her husband was in the Chapel having his devotions when she passed away. She said to him that morning that she felt a strange peace (told to me, John Schneider, a few days after her death).

Ancestry.com shows a copy of Louis' draft registration card of September 12, 1918. It incorrectly lists his date of birth as Sept. 9 instead of Sept. 8. The card was filled out by the attesting officer, and only signed by Louis Schneider (see the difference in signature handwriting), so the officer might be the one making the error, or maybe Louis was just upset at having to register that he forgot.

See his father's data for 1920 information.

From the 1930 Federal Census: (Hi-Res image here), 934 kB
Louis was renting a house for $75.00 per month, living with his wife, Evelyn, listed as both 31 years of age which obviously can't be correct since they were born 2 years apart, and his first 2 children, Louis John (6 years of age) and Marilyn P. (4-1/2 years of age). He might have been renting from his mother-in-law, because the address number is listed as 1743 [Burlingame], and number 1741 is listed as being owned ($20,000.00 value) by head of household Julia G. Affeld, widowed, living there with 2 children, Elmer J. (21 years of age, a commercial artist), and Cyril D. (17 years of age), along with her mother, Katherine Tischbein, 88 years of age and widowed, born in Germany, and listed as not able to speak English, nor able to read nor write. Julia did own realestate which she rented. (See documents related to Julia Gertrude Tischbein.)

The 1930 Federal census lists his occupation as Lawyer, General Practice.

From the 1940 Federal Census: (Hi-Res image here), 1 MB
The Schneider family owned a home at 1923 Glynn Ct, at Twelfth St. Detroit, MI. Living there was Louis age 41, wife Evelyn, age 41, Son Louis, age 16, and daughters Marilyn, Eve Ann, and Sue, ages 14, 9, and 7 respectively. Lou's occupation is listed as Circuit Court Commissioner, making over $50,000 per year. 1940census Lou Schneider and Family He is shown to have completed four years of college, and Evelyn completing 4 years of High School. It is also of interest that their live-in maid, Blanche Potman (Patman?) is now working for the household. She is listed as a single female negro of 28 years of age, originally from Florida, and had completed 6 years of school. Evelyn Schneider gave the information for the census and Blanche is listed as working 50 hours per week having made $468.00 in 1939 as a maid. She must have been hired by Judge Schneider between April 2nd, 1930 and 1935 since she is listed as now living in the same place instead of the same house.

Son Louis wrote in 1996 "We lived one house off 12th Street on Burlingame until I was 12. [This would encompass 1924 through 1936.] Then we moved 4 blocks to the second house off 12th on Glynn Court. I lived there from 1936 until 1951 when, with our little family of four, including Lynn and Jim, mother and I moved to our new home in Inkster [Michigan]." 1

Louis was elected in Detroit, MI, Nov 1932. Was elected to the Michigan State House of Representatives in 1932, and again in November, 1934. From the Political Graveyard website: Member of Michigan state house of representatives from Wayne County 1st District, 1933-36; defeated in Republican primary, 1926, 1928, 1930; candidate in primary for circuit judge in Michigan 3rd Circuit, 1941.

From Biographical Sketches, Michigan Legislative Manual:

"Of Detroit, representative from the first district of Wayne County, was born in Detroit, September 9, 1898 (sic). His education was acquired in Central High School, Detroit, University of Detroit, Warner's Pharmacy School, and Detroit College of Law. He has always taken a keen interest in public affairs and for ten years has been a student of political science, economics and social welfare. For two years he was associated with a reputable law firm but for the past five years has engaged in private practice. Before taking up the study of law, Mr. Schneider was a drug salesman, a bookkeeper and a collector. He is married and has three children. He was elected to the legislature on the Democratic ticket in 1932, and re-elected November 6, 1934."

Louis was elected in Detroit, MI, 1936. According to his son Lou, a Circuit Court Commissioner had a standing a little lower than a Circuit Court Judge.The Judge and Evelyn Schneider at their son, Louis' wedding 1946, 122kb Judge Schneider didn't desire to handle cases involving divorce, which is why he didn't attain to the higher level of the bench, as he was a very devout Roman Catholic. Circuit Court Commissioners handled, among other cases, matters of property and tenant cases. Judge Schneider's Bailiff was his wife Evelyn's brother, Elmer "Bud" Affeld.

The Judge owned a home at 1923 Glynn Court, Detroit, MI, where he raised his family. After retirement, he and his wife moved to a house on Longacre, in Detroit, on the NW corner of Schoolcraft Rd, a few blocks away from where his daughter Eve Ann and her family lived.

Here is a newspaper listing election data from 1960: Grosse Pointe News, election results. See column 3 under Circuit Court Commisioner.

Louis James Schneider, wife Evelyn, and oldest daughter, Marilyn (Sister Ann Louis) Louis James Schneider and Evelyn Marie Affeld had the following children:

Here is an 8 minute clip from a 1948 home movie of the Schneider family at and around their Glynn Court and 12th Street home.

1943 Schneiders of Detroit Michigan from John Schneider on Vimeo.

child + 95 i. Louis John6 Schneider was born February 21, 1924. He died March 4, 2006.

child 96 ii. Sister Marilyn6 Schneider, Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM), was born in Detroit, MI, March 21, 1926. She joined the IHM order in 1945 at the age of 19. She past away the evening of March 9, 2007 in Monroe, Michigan at the age of 81. She had spent most of her life at the IHM Motherhouse in Monroe, where she taught school, and retired from active service.

child + 97 iii. Eve Ann6 Schneider was born April 24, 1930. She died December 30, 2015.

child + 98 iv. Mary Sue6 Schneider was born February 25, 1933.

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1   California Breeze, January 1996, Volume 13. California Breeze was a somewhat monthly family newsletter created by Mike Schneider, son of Louis John Schneider.

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