Fourth Generation

Nicholas Schneider Mary Ann Theisen Schneider 24kb
24. Nicholas4 Schneider (Martin3, Anton2, Nickolaus1) was born 3/9/1854 in Springwells Township, MI. Nicholas died 3/2/1913 in Detroit, MI, at 58 years of age. Nicholas died from an automobile accident in Detroit. He had taken two friends to a wake. On the return trip his car slid on some ice and a trolley hit him. This occurred at the corner of Canfield and Hastings in Detroit. His chest was crushed and he died three days later from damage to his heart.Children of Nicholas & Mary Theisen Schneider, c. 1903, 54kb

He married Mary Anna Theisen 4/24/1877 at St. Alphonsus. Here is a copy of the marriage record (see line #3). Mary was born 5/28/1854 in Springwells Township, MI. Her parents were Peter Joseph Theisen, of Dungenheim, Prussia, and Marie Elizabeth (Diederick) Theisen, of Velmen, Prussia. Mary died 9/9/1938 in Detroit, MI, at 84 years of age, and is buried in St. Alphonsus Cemetery.

In September 2014 Ken Schneider their grandson sent me a picture of their monument at St. Alphonsus Cemetery at Schaefer and Gould in Dearborn Michgan. -- J. Schneider

Here is a story of Mary selling the Schneider's 55-acre farm to Henry Ford in 1914 at the beginning of the Ford Motor Company.

Nicholas Schneider and Mary Anna Theisen had the following children:

child 51 i. Rose Gertrude5 Schneider was born in Springwells (Dearborn), MI, on 2/26/1878. Rose died 2/1/1928. She married Francis Joseph Korte 9/27/1898. Frank was born 8/29/1867 to Joseph and Elizabeth Reuter.

child 52 ii. Mary Elizabeth Schneider was born in Springwells (Dearborn), MI 5/14/1879. Mary died 1/8/1944. She married Francis Joseph Horger 6/11/1901. Frank was born 1/2/1875 to John and Mary (Young) Horger.

child 53 iii. John Peter Schneider was born in Springwells (Dearborn), MI 1/19/1881. John died 1/23/1881 at less than one year of age.annie schneider, 34kb

child 54 iv. Anna Marie Schneider (picture at right) was born in Springwells (Dearborn), MI 1/14/1882. Anna died 4/4/1967 at 85 years of age. She married Frank Schaefer, of Wisconsin, in 1918. They had 4 children, 3 girls and a boy.

child 55 v. John Jacob Schneider was born in Springwells (Dearborn), MI 7/28/1884. John died 8/27/1954 at 70 years of age. He married Elizabeth Julia Esper 9/3/1907. Julia was born in 1885 to Mike and Mary (Hellner) Esper. They had 10 children. Their eight girls pictured here are Rosemary (b. 1919, d. 1956); Rita Elizabeth (Schneider) Mudge [mother of contributor Jackie Askren Mudge], b. 6/5/1915, d. February 4, 2007, at the age of 91; Mary (b. 5/31/1917, d. 2004); Viola Schneider (b. 1912, d. 1991); Gertrude (b. 3/24/1921, still living); Monica (b. 1909, d. 1994); Clara (b. 1924, still living). Family photos are here, thanks to Jackie Askren Mudge.

child 56 vi. Marie Schneider (known as "Mamie") was born in Springwells (Dearborn), MI 1/2/1886. Marie died 1918. She married Aloisis Michael Esper 6/18/1907. Aloisis was born in 1883 to Anthony and Elizabeth (Reuter) Esper. They had 5 children.

child 57 vii. Clara Schneider was born in Springwells (Dearborn), MI 3/9/1888. Clara died 2/7/(year unknown). She married John Horger 6/16/1909.

child 58 viii. Gertrude Elizabeth Schneider was born in Springwells (Dearborn), MI 3/31/1890. Gertrude died 3/22/1978 at 87 years of age. She married Anthony Mathial Esper 10/10/1911. Anthony was born July 8, 1888 to Anthony and Elizabeth Reuter, and died January 8, 1963. note 1

child 59 ix. Albert Martin Schneider was born in Springwells (Dearborn), MI 6/30/1891. Albert died 6/14/1973 at 81 years of age. He married Irene Anna Horger 4/28/1915.Frank & Louie, probably about 5 years old, 49kb Irene was born 4/30/1891 and died 10/23/1973.

child + 60 x. Peter Francis "Frank" Schneider was born 7/26/1893. He is the twin of Lou. Here is a record of Peter's marriage and also Louie's in 1915.10th & 11th children of Mary Anna (Theisen) and Nicholas Schneider, 11kb

child 61 xi. Aloysius (Louie) Michael Schneider was born in Springwells (Dearborn), MI 7/26/1893. Aloysius died 9/25/1976 at 83 years of age. Thanks to Kenneth Martin Schneider for detailed information regarding his family and stories of Henry Ford, in an email to me 2/10/08.

child 62 xii. Helen Catherine (Hilda) Schneider was born in Springwells (Dearborn), MI 3/19/1898. Helen died 3/3/1994 at 95 years of age. She married Laurence J. Theisen 10/26/1921.

Grateful thanks to Karen Kenny-Dei for many of the photos on this page.

note 1 Thanks to Diane Bergendahl for corrections to her grandmother's information, Gertrude Elizabeth Schneider, in an email to me 8/29/06.

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