Schneider Grave Markers

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On a gorgeous Wednesday morning August 6, 2008, I visited Holy Sepulchre Cemetery to see my grandparent's, Schneider and Lynn, grave sites, and on August 8 visited my Dad Lou Schneider's grave in South Lyon Cemetery. I hope these pictures might help others find these locations.

On Sunday, June 5, 2010, my wife Melissa and I visited St. Joseph Cemetery, Wilmette, Illinois, to photograph Schneider markers and relatives. The cemetery is on the northeast corner of Lake Ave. and Ridge Rd. Full resolution pictures of Schneider, Hoffmann, and Engels markers can be seen here.

On a bright and clear early morning July 1, 2011 I visited Holy Cross Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan, where Martin Schneider, his wife Gertrude, and family members are buried and took photos of their monument and headstones.

On September 26, 2014 Cousin Ken Schneider sent me the photograph of the burial monument of Nicholas Schneider and Mary Anna, his grandparents, located at St. Alphonsus Cemetery near the southwest corner of the property, at Schaefer and Gould, Dearborn, Michigan. The link below will show both the monument and an overview picture to locate the monument.

I will be glad to include anyone else's pictures and notes of their Schneider family headstones and directions to assist in locating their graves. Please write and send pictures to -- John J. Schneider

Martin & Gertrude Schneider & family

Judge LJ Schneider headstone

Lou J. Schneider headstone

William N. Lynn headstone

William J. Dillon headstone

Nicholas & Mary Schneider monument

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