Every stitch of data is precious and is accepted with great appreciation. Thanks to everyone who has written to me.

In the order of information shared:

Richard L. Schneider:    First and foremost, the bulk of this web site is based almost verbatim on research notes Richard made while exploring his ancestry. That trail led him back to his great great grandfather Joseph, son of Anton, son of Nickolaus Schneider of Kehrig, Prussia, who was born in 1748. He was kind enough to share a great deal of these notes with my father, Louis John, a few years ago. His notes were in such fine shape and were so well written I used them in assembling a document that was to be used for a family reunion and Golden Anniversary celebration of my parents (in June 1998). After that event I put this web site together using that reference. Included in his packet to my father were some sketches about Kehrig, Prussia, the Stratford Theater in Detroit, and historical reasons for immigration in the 1800s. My deepest thanks for his gracious permission to include this information on the web. Any errors made by copying this data (and that of other contributors) will be mine and I will be happy to correct them upon notice.

Karen Kenny-Dei:    In October of 2000 Karen wrote to me about her search for her Schneiders. (See .)Karen furnished me with the data regarding her family line, that of Peter Francis "Frank" Schneider, of which her mother is his daughter. Much thanks to Karen for this and for her web site on where her family meets and stays in touch. Her site also contains a lot of pictures which she allowed the use of on this web site. She welcomes all who are interested in joining her web site to contact her at "newtsmom2 AT yahoo DOT com" (address munged to avoid the spam-bots!)

Steve Schneider:    Steve permitted the use of information about his branch of the Schneider family, that of Clement Frederick. His mom is Clem's daughter. Steve also has a web site for this branch and it includes a lot of great photographs.

Terry Schneider:    Terry has supplied extensive information concerning her line that goes through Joseph A. Schneider.

Roger Schneider:    Roger is cousin to Terry and is a part of her line of Schneiders tracing descendants through a different child of Joseph A. Schneider.

Joyce Schneider Jensen:    Joyce recently (6/20/03) contributed information on Mathias Schneider's descendants and has included some pictures.

Ray Schneider:    contributed (12/06/06) information on his branch of the Schneider genealogy.

Kenneth Martin Schneider:    contributed (2/10/08) information on his family, Aloysius (Louie) Michael Schneider.

Mary Beatrice Schneider Lukaszewski (Ralph Peter5 Schneider, Joseph Nicholas4, Martin3, Anton2, Nickolaus1):    (12/23/2006) contributed information on Joseph Nicholas Schneider's descendants and has included some pictures. I will include the genealogy information as soon as I sort through it all.

Mary Franta:    On 7/5/01 Mary introduced herself to me via email. She wrote, "Hi. I was looking at the rootsweb review, and your Kehrig Schneiders jumped off the page. I don't see any direct relation to my information, but perhaps you can connect." I originally thought she was not related to me because I was not familiar with the names she gave me. However, within 24 hours another email came to me (from Janice Schneider) with some of these same names! It looks now hopeful that these names add another two generations to the genealogy originally presented! This would be an amazing breakthrough if corroborated, and I am very grateful for her correspondence.

Janice Schneider:    Jan's email to me came the day after Mary's and while not containing as many names as Mary's list, strongly suggested to me (and, I believe, Jan herself) that this indeed was an addition to the ancestry of Nickolaus Schneider. Such data is exciting to acquire. Jan has written a book concerning her Schneider line, that of her husband going back two generations before Nickolaus. I've since acquired a copy and have enjoyed immensely reading this volume of the Schneiders that migrated northwest into Minnesota from the Chicago area. Jan also shared the source of some of her research, microfilms from the Latter Day Saints Family History Center. I had ordered these for viewing and to confirm what Jan has shared but my experience with the local Family History Center was less than productive and nothing came of the search.

Jan's book is titled Schneider Family History: 1721 - 1999, Researched and Published by Janice Lentsch Schneider and Amy Schneider, 1999. 402 pages. Black Plastic Coil Bound. 8-1/2 x 11 Trim Size. Copies are available from her for $30. It is basically a quality output of a genealogy software program elaborately embellished with pictures and commentary. I recommend it to any one related.

Other Contributors:    Karan Blakslee, Jackie Askren Mudge [ for John Jacob Schneider & Elizabeth Julia Esper Family Photos], Cristel Mohrman, Gerda & Honorary Consul General Donald Hansen (for the Country of Luxembourg). Many thanks to these and any in the future that can and care to donate information, no matter how large or small. It is all greatly appreciated.

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