Nickolaus Schneider Ancestry -- Changes - Additions

Latest Changes or Additions:

7/24/14   Added 8 minute clip from a 1948 home movie of the Judge Louis James Schneider family, Detroit, Michigan
7/1/11   Added grave markers of Martin & Gertrude Schneider. Holy Cross Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan
5/15/10   Interview with Frank Schneider, from a Dearborn Historical Museum, Oral History Program publication from December 3, 1975
8/11/08   Added grave markers of Judge Louis J. & Evelyn Schneider, and Nicholas & Catherine Lynn.
2/12/08   Kenneth Martin Schneider adds info about his parents, Aloysius (Louie) Michael and Lizzie Schneider, and Henry Ford.
7/22/07   Lou Schneider's military information expanded.
12/23/06   Mary Beatrice Schneider Lukaszewski sent information regarding Joseph Nicholas Schneider's descendants and has included some pictures. I will include the genealogy information as soon as I sort through it all.
11/18/06  1861 real estate plot map of Cook County showing 2 Schneider plots in New Trier Township.    the full map (225kb) of the 1861 real estate plot map of New Trier Township
3/4/06  Death of Louis John Schneider.
1/29/05  Jackie Askren Mudge sent pictures relating to her Mother and Grandparents, Rita Schneider, and John & Julia Schneider, respectively.
1/9/05  Diane Young Sorensen sent pictures relating to her Grandmother, Viola Schneider Young.
1/9/05  Mike Schummer corrects date (1886) in the names index of death of Anton Carpenter who married Catherine Schneider.
6/22/03  Added Details and pictures of Mathias Schneider's descendants, thanks to Joyce Schneider Jensen!
5/8/03  Richard L. Schneider furnished pictures of Peter & Rose Schneider and Anton & Mary Schneider
11/29/02  Added more individuals from Joseph A. Schneider's branch, including family names of Eischen, Hansen, Holm, Peters, and Vetter
11/27/02  Added Stella Elizabeth Korte's lineage (wife of Peter Francis Schneider)
11/22/02  Added family info for Dorothy Margaret Schneider
Schneider Sons in WWII
Concerning the ship Nicholas and family sailed to America
Pictures of the area homesteaded by Anton Schneider
Family portrait including Catherine, Joseph Schneider's wife
Martin Schneider's family church record
Nicholaus Schneider's family church record
Nicholas & Mary Theisen Schneider marriage record, 159kb
Joseph's Baptismal record, 143kb
Peter & Lou's marriage document, 220kb
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